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The horsemeat scandal, in which horsemeat passed off by vendors as beef came to light, highlighted the ineffectiveness of traditional food analysis methods and positioned chromatography as the frontrunner in determining the contents of processed meat. The traditional methods of analysis were effective at determining the composition of raw samples but inconclusive when analysing processed meats so a more precise method was called for. H igh performance liquid chromatography, combined with mass spectrometry HPLC-MS was then successfully used to find out if meat that had been labelled as beef was beef, horse or a mix of these and various other ingredients.

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Many drinks manufacturers use this technique to ensure each bottle of their product is exactly the same, so you can rely on a consistent taste. As chromatography can accurately identify substances within the bloodstream, it is widely used in sport to test athletes for doping or performance enhancing drugs, something to think about the next time you're watching your favourite sport.

Chromatography is also used to help catch criminals.

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In line with programmes like CSI, gas chromatography is used to analyse blood and cloth samples, helping to identify criminals and bring them to justice. It's clear to see that chromatography is an unsung hero when it comes to keeping you healthy and safe everyday. If you would like to learn more about chromatography, visit our blog.

Chromatography inspired cognac. The Facility Director is Dr. Jiping Zou.

Chromatography Facility

Anyone interested in using the facility can contact Dr. Zou to schedule a meeting.

Gas chromatography in Hindi - principle, procedure and applications

Will not conduct any analysis for outside of BYU unless for some collaborated research projects. Some factors affecting analysis costs:. College of Life Sciences. Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Science. Nutritional Science.

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Food Science. Chromatography Facility.

Method development generally to be done by Facility Director Dr. Cost of method development determined in consultation with Users. Meet to discuss project, provide information regarding methods to be used, column needs, sample preparation, type of data to be generated, and so forth.