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Search for books. Start typing to search by keyword, title, author or ISBN. In a part of Mallorea known as Karanda, demons are once again being seen. Despite the strange relationship growing between the two monarchs, Garion needs to get back in pursuit of his son and stop the growing threat of the demons.

But how can convince the atheistic Zakath that the demons are more than just a fantasy, and that the threat to the Empire is a true one and not just political maneuvering on Garion's part to escape?

David Eddings DEMON LORD OF KARANDA Malloreon Book 3

Will Garion and his diverse, and skilled, companions have to employ other means to escape? Demon Lord of Karanda dives deeper into the growing schism among the Grolims as the various factions vie for control over both the mysterious Sardion and Garion's own son, the sacrifice to bring about their Dark God's rebirth. Zakath, a minor, though interesting, character from the final book of the Belgariad is back and fleshed out even more. What's clear is that Eddings had a solid backstory for Zakath and his enmity in place for the Murgos in the last series but never could organically explain it.

Until know. It is rich world-building at its best. Even better, we finally get to see this Boundless Mallorea as the characters travel to the largest city in the world, its capital, and then venture into the dispirited lands that make it up, united through fear of the imperial throne and the glue of the Melcene bureaucracy.

All of our characters get to shine. Unlike with the Belgariad where some of the prophesied companions Taiba and Lelldorin especially get little to do, Eddings has roles for all the characters to play in the political machinations of the Mallorean court. This book brims with danger, political machinations, and adventure.

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Fans of the Belgariad and the first two books of the Mallorean series will be delighted by what they read here! The writers wit and bold irreverence leads the tiny group on their way. The conclusion was a bit unexpected. The Eddings team have a gift for story telling.

I had no idea how compelling this audio version could be.

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Listening raptly to the dearly held stories as Cameron performs them so beautifully , is a treasured adventure into a finely crafted world that defines swords and sorcery for me. De : David Eddings. Lu par : Cameron Beierle.

Description Zandranias stole King Garion's infant son, planning to use the child in a ritual that would make the Dark Destiny supreme. Garion and his friends followed, but now they were captives of Zakath, Emperor of Mallorea. Fantasy fan? Listen to more in the Malloreon series, which is the sequel to David Eddings' Belgariad series. Ce que les membres d'Audible en pensent Notations Global.

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Demon Lord of Karanda (The Malloreon, Book 3)

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  • Couldn't put it down. Mark H. Excellent story, fair narration The story is every bit as good as I remember it. Loved it!!!!