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The weather deities are frequently portrayed as riding chariots through the heavens. Habakkuk ; Ezekiel Jo Bailey Wells b.

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The broader use of a storm as a sign of divine appearance occurs using other terms as well see Psalms , , ; Nahum ; Zechariah Elijah was taken off in the midst of a whirlwind II Kings The whirlwind strikes the reader as a place where the reader is not at home. David L. Bartlett [b.

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August H. Konkel b. The force and power of the wind are symbolic of the majestic and holy presence of the divine. The storm is the means by which the immanence of God can be perceived, somewhat like the storm on Mount Sinai Exodus Here, God finally speaks in the storm. Jesse C.

Long, Jr. I Kings ; II Kings Job , ; Isaiah ; Jeremiah , even though Yahweh was not in the storm on Horeb cf. I Kings Gary Inrig b. This exit was especially befitting of Elijah. John H. Walton b. He demonstrated that Yahweh was the Storm God he sent fire to consume the sacrifice and then sent rain , not Baal.

Of course, Yahweh filled every divine function, but Elijah had been most involved with showing Yahweh to be the true Storm God. It is therefore appropriate that fire and whirlwind with chariots and horses was his vehicle.

He is a prophet indeed. How are we to picture this scene, as a twister enveloping the prophet as in The Wizard of Oz?

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Which image is more significant, the chariot of fire or the whirlwind? Why is this methodology employed? In what ways does the phenomenon reflect the situation? When have you left a job or city? How do you hope to depart the earth? When have you been validated? As Elijah passes the great divide in a whirlwind, there is a clear line of demarcation between he and his successor. Marvin A. Gina Hens-Piazza b. Whether he sees Elijah parting is out of his control. He must transfer his dependence on Elijah to complete dependence upon God.

Indeed, Elisha does see Elijah depart, but the whirlwind also blows asunder his safety and robs him of the one who gave him his identity. Hens-Piazza, Kings Abingdon Old Testament Commentaries , Handling such difficult change and loss is typical of the human experience. Biblical literature goes even further, insisting that change is meaningful and bearable because God is the author of change. The same changeless God pushes ceaseless change on the world.

God takes Elijah to heaven

As the whirlwind envelops his mentor, Elisha is positioned literally and figuratively at the edge as he faces the challenge of filling the void. Who does the whirlwind most benefit, Elijah, Elisha or the nation as a whole? What does the whirlwind accomplish? How does the whirlwind assist in the leadership transition from Elijah to Elisha? When have you experienced a whirlwind of change? What is the smoothest succession of leadership with which you are familiar?

Must the previous regime depart for its successor to thrive?

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Must the old pastor leave for her successor to succeed? Whose shoes do you need to fill? In 1 Kings 17, Elijah is all alone with his daily bread provided by divinely ordained ravens. Most of the people in your church including their pastor! But we know from experience that life is much more like the raw reality of 1 Kings 17 and It starts with a bang and ends with a whimper.

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  • This is a great reminder that allegiance follows affection. Loyalty follows love.

    What begins with the whole-hearted devotion of David is quickly overtaken with the standard-setting wickedness of Jeroboam, which is then left in the dust by the record-breaking sin of Ahab. Quite the devolution in just a few years. And, of course, all of this leads to bad king after bad king. Blessing followed by sin that results in judgment—this pattern calls all of us to look for a Redeemer.

    In 1 and 2 Kings, the reign of every king after David raises the question: Is this the One? Is this the forever king promised in 2 Samuel 7? Reading his work on the book even apart from preaching it would be soul-stirring and of great spiritual benefit. House struck a great balance, dealing with major issues while not getting lost in the weeds.

    Jason Seville is the senior pastor of an international church in China.

    2 Kings 1 – Ahaziah and Elijah

    You can follow him on Twitter jasonCseville. Our work is possible by the generosity of our readers. Give Today. Resources Donate. Article Here are seven such reasons you should exposit 1 and 2 Kings. You should preach 1 and 2 Kings because of the dead body-donkey-lion scene.

    And so we wait, reflecting on a faithful God, a faltering people, and a future hope.