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It also contains many original string stories. Illustrated by C. Henry Holt and Company. Magazines Ficelles. Maude, Honor C. By James R. Lexington, Kentucky, CreateSpace, By Martin Probert. Each child gets a loop of string to play with. Native Alaskan String Figures.

Cat’s Cradle and Other Fantastic String Figures

By David Titus with David Nicolai. Clear directions, step-by-step illustrations, and source notes for each figure. A variety of weaving and string arts using different kinds of materials. Links, references, and information. Illustration by Donna S. A gift from Dave Titus. Now You See It Hawthorne Press, Opening Moves and Endings for String Figures. The Origin of String Figures. Pathways in the Green Valley Blog. Illustrated by Margaret Chamberlain. Pull the Other One!

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Ripening Peaches: Studies in Taoism. The Shaman's Game of String. By Heinani. Hawaiian string figures meditation. Includes a long poem. Published by the International String Figure Association, By Michael P. String Figure - From Mathworld. Edited by Mark A. String Figure - Wikipedia Article. String Figures. Johnson Abraham.

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Algonac, Michigan, Reference Publications, Inc, Index, bibliography, pages. Illustrated by 61 line drawings, it also provides instructions for making them, and covers the historic, aesthetic, technical, and psychic dimensions. The origin and world distribution of string figures are also discussed, as are the mythology, religious beliefs, taboos, and legends associated with them.

To date, this is the most important work on the science of funiculology to have been published. Examples, bibliography, lots of interesting links, notes, art. Primarily in French. String stories and notes. The extensive effort to create detailed indexes to key reference books, the web links, and bibliography at this website are a valuable contribution. By Britt Scharringhausen. By Caroline Furness Jayne With an ethnological introduction by Alfred C.

ISBN: X. LCCN: Table of Contents and list of figures. Many of the books listed elsewhere repeat some of the string figures found in C. Jayne's book.

String Games - Sarah's Silks

He is available for string figures performances at events, in classrooms, in libraries, in bookstores, at clubs, etc. String Figures: Les Ficelles Enchantees. Illustrated by Robin Michel. Volume 1. Volume 2. String Figures - Google Links. String Figures: Internet Links.

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Extensive bibliography and Internet WWW links. String Figures - Open Directory - Links. String Figures - Mathematics and the Liberal Arts. A variety of informative essays and conjectures. String Figures for Learning Hands. Canberra, Homa Press, Dave Titus, Lawton, Oklahoma.

National Book Trust, String Games. By Richard Darsie. New York, Sterling Pub. Sources, index, 96 pages. Cambridge, Massachusetts, H. Includes colored string. A special hardcover spiral bound book. Review of string figure websites in Links, bibliography, resources, quotes and notes. New York, William Morrow, By Belinda Holbrook. Worthington, Ohio, Linworth Publishing Inc. Bibliography, index, pages.

Best Buy at the String Store. String Vibrations. Super String Games. Many interesting new string figures in this fine book. Martin Probert. Instructions plus photographs.

Titus is a Christian missionary, storyteller, and string artist. Haddon Collection. Goranson, 22K.

Cat's Cradle & Other String Games

New York, Sterling Publishing Co. By Eric Lee. Important Resource!

5 top string games: fun string figures for kids

Presented by Richard Darsie. Instructions for elementary, intermediate and advanced string figures. Detailed written instructions and an illustration of the final form of each figure are given. This has been a very influential website. Yahoo Groups: String Figures. Some nice prizes, some music, some library book promotion.

Yahoo Hobbies - String Figures - Links. Return to the Main Index for this Webpage. I would weave patterns with the string as I sat by the ocean or by a mountain stream. I played string games with the children and with the adults who took great delight in remembering what was once forgotten. That is when the magic started to happen and I knew without a doubt that the gift I was given was significant. String figures were not just a child's game but the tool of a shaman. A tool for influencing relationships within the self, with others and with the environment. A tool for restoring harmony. They had been placed in the hands of the children so they would not be forgotten.

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The spirit of the string figures had come to me so that I could retell a story; perhaps a story about children and shamans in a playful conspiracy. Most people think of string figures as "just a child's game" In it's simple form it is just that - a game.