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It is God's desire for you to experience a supernatural anointing. Filled with real-life testimonies, including several heartfelt pages from the author's past, tills teaching offers practical ways to walk in a greater dimension of faith and purpose during the exciting days ahead. Vijesh at PM. Newer Post Older Post.

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No comments:. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Featured Post. It supplies the needs of the other members, who are lagging behind in the partnership. Fellowshipping does indicates a different form of partnership among Christians, with the Anointing of Jesus. It brings Christians together for the purpose of saving souls. We fellowship for the sole purpose of saving souls, healing the sick, setting the captives free and prospering the Kingdom of God on the earth.

Christians do fellowship together with the anointing of Jesus, in the breaking of bread that is the Word of God and prayer. As the groups of twelve and seventy two went in obedience to Jesus, they were all working together in the synergy, that the anointing of Christ made available to them. This is how the body of Christ is designed to function. Partnership with the Anointing of Jesus enables us to work together for the purpose of doing the works of the Kingdom.

Each member in the partnership supplies what is lacking in the others. This is how a healthy Church functions. When you are involved in a partnership, you are not in it to look out for yourself. You are in it to benefit what the Anointed One Christ is doing with His anointing in those other partners. Your partnership with them brings a synergy into the way, that the anointing of Christ Jesus flows among them. The anointing of Christ works better in you, when you are in partnership with what the Anointed One Christ is doing in others.

The anointing oil flows better in your life, when you partner with it to bring synergies through it to the body of Christ.

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Jesus was on a One man mission to save the world. But He needed partnership with His Anointing in fulfilling the mission. That was why He appointed twelve of His disciples as Apostles. They were the core partners with His Anointing.

At Bible Vision International Ministries we are in partnership with the anointing, of several national leaders around the world, by bringing a synergy into the way that their anointing works. This is how real partnership works. We are in these nations to partner with them, in fulfilling the call of God over their lives, with the anointing that Christ has given them. That was exactly what happened with Peter in Luke chapter Jesus had just borrowed his boat to do the will of the Father for that moment. And the moment came for Jesus to partner back with Peter in his fishing business, just as Peter had partnered with the Anointed One and His Anointing by allowing Him to preach from his boat.

The Rhema word that Peter received from the Lord here brought a synergy upon his fishing anointing. Before that time Peter had been trying to catch fish. The scripture says:.

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But because you say so, I will let down the nets. Peter had been working hard on fishing without a Rhema word for a very long time. But with all his skills he had accomplished nothing, because the Rhema word from God was not available to him. But by acting on the Rhema word from the latest Partner in his fishing business Jesus ; it brought a synergy that he had never seen before in the fishing business.

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He was able to accomplish what he had never accomplished before. So they signaled their partners in the other boat to come and help them, and they came and filled both boats so full that they began to sink.

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Another synergy for better effectiveness was brought into what Peter was doing, as he called on his fishing business partners after acting on the Rhema word from Jesus. The scripture calls these fishermen with whom Peter had fellowship — partners. In other words the crowds that you do fellowship with the most are your partners. They are the ones who are supposed to be bringing a synergy into what you are doing for God right now. And if they are not bringing you the results of salvation, healing and deliverance in your calling; then they have nothing to add to your anointing. Your willingness to acknowledge and receive from others will transform you.

Some Preachers of the gospel these days are not good receivers, of the anointing from those that the Lord has sent to them. They struggle daily to acknowledge the partnership of these believers.


And at the end they miss out of the synergy available to them. They miss out of their blessings in this way. Be open minded and receive those whom God is bringing into your life and ministry. They are not coming to take away from you. They are there to partner with your anointing. It will help you in partnering with them, as they partner with Jesus in whatsoever you are doing for the Lord. You can draw from the anointing of others, by partnering with them as they partner with Jesus.

It brings the benefit of the synergy into your own anointing.

You need to be partnering with those who are doing, what you are called by God to do in the Ministry; but with a greater and higher anointing. That type of partnership will help you to do greater things in your life. Peter was in partnership with other fishermen.

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But when the opportunity showed up to get into partnership with Jesus, it changed his life completely. You can partner with them through prayer, or by sowing financial seeds into their anointing. It will yield for you a return of greater things in this year. You will start experiencing how that synergy works in supplying every need that you have right now.

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Just last week we at Bible Vision International Ministries saw this in the city of Warsaw, Poland; where the Word of Life Church is able to be feeding one thousand homeless people on the streets daily. The Church provides clothing, accommodation and other tools to transform the lives of these people, so that they will get off the streets. They are getting saved, healed and delivered daily. Families are being restored and many young people are catching the fire of God.

This is because Visjon Norge is in partnership with the Church. The Norwegian Christian organization does the same thing across Europe. And they had brought a greater anointing into what The Word of Life Church is doing. We can glean some important points from this anointing ceremony. Firstly, what God has ordained for us to have, we shall have as long as we stay in position.

Secondly, God does not make mistakes; the brothers looked more suited for kingship because of their outward appearance but God looked inwardly for a pure heart. Thirdly, a physical anointing does not mandate a speedy course to the palace or the task assigned David was anointed but not appointed until years later. The carriers of such anointing must use it wisely, not for popularity or to gain riches or power.

Pride is a weapon of mass destruction when placed alongside the anointing. Hence, the anointing of God is designed merely to equip us for service to others and to bring total glory to God. Many persons refuse to operate in their call of God due to a lack of confidence in themselves and their abilities. Well, once God has called us we can be sure that He will equip us.

The anointing will qualify the unqualified. When I was first called into ministry, I hardly knew how to pray—much less preach a sermon. But the more the anointing began to flow in my life, the more skilled I became. As I look back over the years, I realize that it could only have been the grace unmerited favor of God that instructed, qualified and sealed me for ministry.

Remember, what God calls for, He will provide for. We must trust God to do the work in and through us.