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It is useful, and helps teach people how to make delicious, gut healing broths and stocks for the base of all your soups. A great addition to my very selective cookbook collection!!

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Love on Feb 04, This book is absolutely gorgeous! Stunning photography that will not fail to make you hungry.

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Filled with an amazing array of nourishing, healthy and delicious soups, stews and broths, this is one cookbook you will get years of use from. I highly recommend it! Kimberly's recipes are easy to follow and the information in the front of the book is gold. I especially love the pictorial table of contents and clear dietary tags that list if recipes are gluten-free, grain-free, GAPS-friendly, etc. By Em Dash on Dec 19, This cookbook is awesome! One of the best parts is that there is a picture for every recipe. It's so helpful to know what you're supposed to be aiming for!

Even the index has little pictures with each soup listed. It's well laid out and has easy to follow instructions. Lots of great info about ingredients, etc without being overwhelming. Perfect for a gift! By Narilia on Feb 07, I'm always on the lookout for recipes, particularly ones that are either GAPS friendly or easily changed to accommodate our dietary restrictions. This is one of the reasons why Ladled is such a great resource.

The way the book is laid out is excellent in my opinion. I love how each soup has a small picture associated with it - and, of course, a larger picture once you get to the recipe itself. The categories make sense, the instructions are easy to follow.

Roasted Vegetable Broth Recipe

Harris starts off with the basics. If you are new to making your own stocks and stews, Ladled is an excellent resource. She gives you a list of things you should have in your kitchen as well as step by step instructions on how to make various types of broth - chicken, fish, beef, etc. This is a great help to someone who has never done such a thing before. Simple broth isn't the only thing that Ms. Harris includes.

There are quite a variety of soups and stews, everything from traditional to those inspired by various restaurants. Each dish is accompanied by a picture and a listing of several types of diets or meal plans the dish is appropriate for. While I can not say I have tried all of the recipes, I am working my way through the book.

The Spanish Garlic Soup is quite good. My husband stated it wasn't bad for broth. For a man who actually hates drinking broth, that's quite high praise. I, myself, particularly like it and find it great for eating alone or using without the egg as a base for other chicken soups. It is the broth I chose to start my almost six month old on as we are now introducing food outside of breastmilk to him.

There is little I could say that could improve this book. There are a few minor editing issues that can be easily overlooked.

Roasted Vegetable Broth Recipe

There are a few ingredients that those who aren't used to experimenting may not be able to find easily. I might have included suggestions as to where to find such ingredients. Stinging nettle is one of them I found it at a place called Roots Farmer's Market , but other than that, this is an extremely well put together, thought out, and attractive book. I am very glad I own it and have already bought one and given it as a gift to a friend who is a more traditional cook.

If you are looking for a book that focuses on more traditional methods of cooking, particularly with soups and stews, I wholeheartedly recommend this book.

It is currently one of only two that I keep in my kitchen and refer to often since I procured it. Want to know more about Kimberly Harris, author of Ladled? Check out "The Nourishing Gourmet". By Amazon Customer on Jan 29, The layout of the book is awesome with beautiful pictures of each recipe. I love the fact the index has a picture which helps trying to decide what you want to make. I love how the recipes are organized in the book. A few soups may call for meatballs and she has the meatballs in a section to make it easy to find. I also love the fact she gives different ideas for broth - garlic, mushroom, etc.

The recipes themselves are yummy and the instructions are extremely easy to follow. My kids love the meatballs and I've added them to so many dishes. This cookbook is highly recommended! By Naomi A Phillips on Jan 17, I fell in love with this cookbook the moment I opened it.

[PDF] Ladled: Nourishing Soups for All Seasons Full Colection

The layout is so simple and easy to use, and the pictures are gorgeous, not to mention the quality of the recipes. I have been a fan of Kimi's blog for several years and have never made a recipe of hers I didn't like. And I've tried a lot of her recipes! This book is no exception, and since soups are my very favorite food to make, I was ecstatic that she was writing a soup cookbook.

I love the in-depth explanations of how and why to do the cooking methods in a clear, understandable way. Even a beginner cook can crank out fabulous soups with this book. By Coakleym on Jan 20, I am particular about, and extensive excessive? While I was enthused about Kim Harris' project and comprehensive approach to healthy and thoughtful nutritional choices and options, I was surprised and pleased with the effective recipe details foundational broths, stocks and soup bases, including water , inviting tone, variety of tastes and traditions, clear writing, garnishes, and tasty extras.

I have made many similar soups and have other sources that are not so disimilar, but I see this focused resource as quite a gem. Even the plainest of soups are a complete concept, and they deliver memorable flavor. I made the Butternut Apple Soup today, and though many may think -as I once did- that "all winter squash soups is pretty much the same", you'd be operating under a misconception I will say that the layout design, font size and photos are an odd combination, and not as appealing as it might have been.

Perhaps this is a publisher choice, yet having the photos for each soup each pair of pages is helpful even though the photos seem out-of-scale. It is attractive, and a pleasant to use. By Kindle Customer on Dec 28, Can not express how exciting it was to get this cook book. There are recipes for classic soups for those days when you want something like Grandma use to make and then for those days that you want to try something different and creative there is plenty to choose from.

30 hearty soup recipes for fall and winter | MNN - Mother Nature Network

The photos inside are so lovely! One thing that really stood out to me was the variety of different stock and broth recipes in addition to the many soup recipes, plus a few bonus recipes at the very end. I was able to give this cookbook as a gift and it was a huge hit!

I'm thinking of having a soup and salad day pairing soups from this cook book with the author's other cook book on salads Fresh: Nourishing Salads for All Seasons. Last but not least the recipes are very tasty! If you are looking for a fresh look on soups this is the perfect cook book. By The Enabling Cook on Jan 17, This summer I had the chance to test a few recipes for a soup cookbook. You know I couldn't pass that up.

Those of you who follow this blog know I am a firm proponent of the Real Food Movement. I try to eat and cook with as few overprocessed foods and ingredients as I can. And many of you have followed my fermentation projects. And when I found out she likes soup, well, enough said. Ladled begins with a brief explanation of Harris's food and cooking philosophy. Although I tend to agree with most of her culinary motivations, don't be discouraged from trying the recipes if you do not.

She provides plenty of options. You'll learn how to select ingredients and how to get the best from them. You may be introduced to grains you're unfamiliar with, but Harris doesn't leave you hanging. She tells you how to prepare them or ready them to be used in a recipe. You'll also find illustrated instructions on how to perform culinary tasks, such as chopping, dicing, and slicing.

Those things may seem basic to many of us, but there are many cooks who need to brush up on those skills. And if you've been wanting to make noodles out of vegetables like carrots and zucchini but haven't wanted to spend the money on a spiraler, Harris shows you how you can use your knife to get comparable results. The recipe section begins with what I consider one of the most important components of soup-making and one of the best sections of this cookbook: stocks and broths.

Those following my Soup's On! Harris provides recipes for basic stocks as well as those not quite so familiar to most cooks.

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You may not need it every day, but knowing how to make mushroom, lamb okay, that would be never for me , or herbed garlic stocks and broths can be handy. The soups begin with the simple. That doesn't mean they aren't full of flavor. Other sections include family favorites, restaurant inspired, and even chilled. And while most of us wouldn't think of porridge and congee as soups, there are recipes for those as well, along with explanations as for why they belong in a soup cookbook. The recipe section ends with recipes for making garnishes, bacon yes, homemade bacon in a soup cookbook , tortilla chips, and even almond milk, among others.

Most of the ingredients for the soups can be found in regular grocery stores. When they can't, Harris provides alternatives.