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Instead, I made thousands of tiny changes, and a few major ones. But I hope that the spirit of the book, the quality that my first publisher and agent recognised, is still there.

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I definitely edit far more now than I did at the beginning. So apart from being more of a devil with the delete button, what exactly have I learned over the last six years?

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The make-up of the cabinet is also important because it says something about how open top jobs are to people from all socio-economic backgrounds. While private schooling is not a perfect indicator for this, most families who can afford the fees to send their children to these schools will be from higher socio-economic backgrounds. The over-representation of the privately educated in the cabinet also suggests that most ministers are from wealthier backgrounds, and that those from lower socio-economic backgrounds find it harder to make their way to the top.

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This would simply be unheard of in the average comprehensive school. These sorts of opportunities are likely to play a key role in how comfortable alumni of top private schools go on to feel when entering the world of politics. How can socio-economic diversity in the top professions be increased? In several industries, not least in politics, too often an expectation of unpaid work is the norm, shutting out those who cannot afford to work for free. Doing so could be an important first step for the new government to better open-up careers in politics as well as many other top professions , so that in future the cabinet is more representative of the country it governs.

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