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Aasimars and tieflings get treatments in Blood of Angels and Blood of Fiends respectively. These books give you details about the societies and cultures of these races, as well as new options like feats, traits, and spells for characters. Inner Sea Races is a page hardcover book that provides a ton of information on all the major and many less major races that can be found in the Inner Sea Region.

This book is focused primarily on details like history and culture, though it also has a small amount of new character options as well. Other books cover things like religion. Faiths of Purity , Faiths of Balance , and Faiths of Corruption are player books that cover the good, neutral, and evil gods respectively. They cover the basics of these faiths and provide new options for characters who follow these gods.

Inner Sea Gods is another hardcover book. It provides an in-depth look at the 20 principal deities of the setting, as well as an overview of the many other gods that exist as well. Inner Sea Faiths a page softcover carries on from Inner Sea Gods by providing in-depth information on several of those other gods as well, while Chronicles of the Righteous has a similar look at the empyreal lords—the demigod-like beings that rule over the good extraplanar races.


Some of these books give you details about the histories and cultures of various monsters, while others provide you with examples of specific individuals, along with their hideouts or lairs. The vast majority of the campaign setting is focused on the Inner Sea Region. However, this is not the entirety of the world of Golarion.

If you wish to move your campaign beyond the Inner Sea Region, there are a few books that venture this way, though not many. Distant Shores takes a look at six cities from all across the globe but none in the Inner Sea , providing a glimpse at the kinds of peoples and cultures that exist in the rest of the world. As I said, this is only a broad overview of what has been published for the Pathfinder Campaign Setting.

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Prev Next. Each entry provides insights into the town's history, culture, and residents, as well as what dangers lurk in the shadows. Numerous adventure hooks, full-page maps, and stat blocks for key NPCs make these towns fully realized settings, ready for Game Masters to drop into campaigns whenever they're needed. This book contain details on the following distinctive towns: Diobel: What you can't get in Absalom, you can get in this notorious smuggler's port. Falcon's Hollow: Were monsters and curses not enough, the ambitions of this town's greedy overseers would still trap its residents in mud and sawdust.

Ilsurian: Torn between rival city-states, this Varisian town bows to no master. Pezzak: This sheltered port defies the rulers of the devil-dominated nation of Cheliax, its rebel spirit burning strong despite its scheming overlords.

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Solku: This pious fortress-town faces constant threats from nearby gnoll tribes, and while its walls stand unbreached, none can say for how much longer. Trunau: Trapped on the wrong side of the border with the orcs of Belkzen, the citizens of this stronghold stand fast against savagery.