Manual Photographing Dogs Techniques for Professional Digital Photographers

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A black dog running on a beach, say, is an extreme example where the meter, influenced by the background, may render the dog a solid black mass with no detail at all. Do a test shot first. Use the histogram, if it helps.

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This great action shot was captured using a fast shutter speed and the use of continuous AF and high speed continuous drive mode. Select Continuous AF for shots of your pet in action. This will ensure the camera keeps refocusing on your subject as it moves. A wide aperture will help. You can use any camera, though a DSLR will give you more creative control over your pet photography.

You might struggle to get good action shots with a compact, but static pet portraits should be no problem. While a telephoto lens is good for shots of your dog running in the park, a standard lens is ideal for documentary style pictures. While a wideangle at close range can be a great way to inject a sense of humour to your portraits.

Creative Portrait Photography

A tripod is a handicap for most pet photography as you need to be able to move and recompose quickly. However, a monopod will provide stability for your camera without impairing your capacity to react quickly to events.

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Generally not a good idea when photographing pets. Direct flash is unflattering, and animals get redeye too. Even off-camera flash can bounce off shiny fur and look unpleasant. Just like when photographing children, the best pet photos are usually obtained when you get down to their level. If your camera has live view you might find it easier to set the camera down low and view things on the screen from higher up. This is much easier if you have a tilting LCD screen. On the other hand lots of great pet portraits have been taken from the most unusual of angles.

This includes looking down on them from directly above ideal for showing them isolated within a landscape or even looking up from below perfect for emphasising the height of a tall dog. Kailash Gyawali photographed this adorable puppy in a Kathmandu restaurant. Approach a dog photo shoot the same way, by considering the unique traits of dogs and altering the set to fit their needs.

Black Dog Photography Tips & Tricks

A grooming session is essential before a professional shoot. Advise clients to take the dogs to a quality groomer for a hair brush and trim and a nail clipping. Closely look over the dog before shooting to spot any stray leaves or other debris that might stand out negatively in a photo. For lenses, try macros which use a longer focal length for blurred backgrounds. They also feature a reproduction ratio. While you might not use it, a tripod might prove essential when capturing a dog portrait in cases when the dog stays shockingly still.

General photography rules still apply when shooting dogs.

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You want good light, a defined subject, and should follow the rule of thirds. Natural light and exposures are also crucial. Since Feb Blog learnpetphotography.

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She is widely known for her creative and amazing animal portraits that feature her dogs Simon, Ralph and Rocco.