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Taxation: Philosophical Perspectives

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  • Individual liberty and the importance of the concept of the people.
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Get access to the full version of this article. View access options below. You previously purchased this article through ReadCube. Institutional Login. Focus on how immigration law and polices shape divers meanings, practices, and statues, of citizenship in varied context, Topics include migration theories, state control, stage of legal status, relationship to race and gender ideology, as well as labor and civil society, in shaping membership and rights.

FRANCIS Introduction to the history and development of racial hierarchy, focusing on how race and ethnicity shape political institutions e.

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Case studies of minority representation and the politics of welfare, crime, immigration, and terrorism. Human rights, inclusive development, and social movements approaches addressing the marginalization of disabled persons explored throughout. Wallace Examines the development, design, and consequences of international law. Focuses on how international legal agreements constrain and enable both state and non-state actors across a range of issues, including economic affairs, the environment, human rights, and war.

Lovell Cases and literature bearing on protection of constitutionally guaranteed private rights, with particular reference to the period since Examines general theories of law, the workings of legal institutions, and the character of legally constituted practices and relationships in diverse terrains of social life. Barzilai Explores global issues of comparative law, societies, politics, courts, and cultures. Introduces theories and methods of comparing legal settings internationally and understating diverse responses to law. Covers what is comparative law; families of law; history of comparative law; judicial review; legal cultures; rights consciousness; and regulation.

Cichowski Introduction to comparative judicial politics, focusing on the relationship between law and politics in cross-national perspective, as well as on the functioning of supranational and international legal entities in the international system. Pekkanen Explores how individuals, corporations, and governments respond to privacy challenges in the digital age.

Examines evolution of the idea of privacy using case studies of actual privacy policies, legal cases, and real-world situations. Covers legal, political, and social facets of this fundamental human issue. Offered: jointly with SOC Also covers U.

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Considers policy issues in these areas in light of theories about morality and human nature. Helps students learn how to analyze punishment policies from ethical and philosophical perspectives. HERBERT Investigates how and why formal and informal order is established in urban areas, how this order produces advantages and disadvantages, and possibilities of alternative visions of order. Topics include formal means of control zoning, laws, policing, building codes and informal means of control gossip, ostracism, peer pressure, local politics.

McCann Examines rights in practical and social interaction, rights as social conventions, relations of rights practices to official state policies, disputing practices, interest formation, and identity construction at individual and group levels.

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Explores how rights practices figure into the constellation of contested power relations within modern societies. Introduction to debates regarding universality of human rights through examination of women's rights in Muslim context. Considers journalistic notions of homogeneity among Muslims, political nature of the Islamic state, and its mobilization of human rights. Focuses on how immigration and labor legislation shape context of working, worker identity, and rights.

Integrates anthropological perspectives of law's ability to create meaning in the examination of deeper implications of asylum and refugee law in American society. Analyzes international mechanisms for reconciliation alongside philosophical and moral consideration. Combines occidental moral philosophies of secular human rights rooted with local knowledge and value systems.

Surveys faith-based epistemologies underlying reconciliation processes. Focuses on the legal rules and bodies that govern not only these policy domains, but also their evolution and impacts. Topics vary.

1. Justice: Mapping the Concept

Kier Explores issues of civil-military relations in the United States including debates about the garrison state hypothesis; military advice on the use of force; the civil-military "gap"; and issues of race, gender, and sexual orientation in the military. Introduces the existing social service system that affects disabled people.

  • The Police In Occupation Japan: Control, Corruption and Resistance to Reform.
  • Individual liberty and the importance of the concept of the people | Palgrave Communications;
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Examines the American perspective ADA as well as various international models including the United Nations' International Human Rights treaties as they relate to disabled people. Emphasis on societal responses including the emergence of therapeutic courts and specialized police training.

Examines how courts, legislature, and communities balance public safety and civil liberties.