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This book has been endorsed by University of Maryland's renowned lacrosse coach, Dave Cottle, whose teams have been ranked in the top 10 nationally for 11 consecutive years. This book was very informative for a parent who is just getting started in the sport. Helpful tips on training and drills. Greg Murrell played lacrosse for Salisbury University. The Ball A lacrosse ball is made of solid rubber, is slightly smaller than a tennis ball, weighs about 5 ounces, and comes in a variety of colors. At the high school and collegiate levels, girls are required to play with a yellow ball boys play with a white ball.

There are a number of different styles to choose from. The shapes of the stick heads vary widely; some promise advantages such as greater ball control, a quicker release of the ball, a deeper pocket, and a greater ease of picking up a ground ball. The plastic head of the stick is screwed onto the shaft or handle at the neck.

Stick shafts can be made of aluminum, titanium, wood, or a composite material. Most sticks today have at least a partially open sidewall.

The Baffled Parent's Guide to Coaching Youth Baseball : Bill Thurston :

The pocket of a wooden stick is strung with vertical thongs of leather or synthetic material and woven in a crisscross pattern with gut or nylon strings. The pocket of a plastic stick head is strung with vertical thongs of leather or synthetic material and cross-woven with nylon strings. You might slightly modify the pockets to make throwing and catching a bit easier, but the sooner your girls get used to regulation sticks the better! The pocket. Sticks are designed today with smaller sidewalls that allow for deeper pockets and thus greater throwing velocity and accuracy. However, the smaller sidewalls may offer less protection for the ball.

Stick length. The standard way to determine a comfortable shaft length is to extend the arm, gripping the stick below the stick head at the shaft; where the bottom of the stick meets the shoulder is generally the proper length for the player. Defensive players might want more length for reach, and offensive players might like shorter shafts so they can protect their sticks better. We strongly encourage players to hold the stick with their top hand placed about one-third of the way down the stick give or take an inch or two in either direction.

Wrap a colorful piece of athletic tape about a third of the way down the stick as a reminder for the top-hand position for routine cradling and catching.

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The bottom hand should be positioned at the bottom of the stick as the anchor. The pinkie goes underneath the base, with the butt of the stick resting on the inside of the pinkie to allow for greater control. Place a second piece of tape about two-thirds of the way down the stick give or take an inch or two to indicate where a girl should hold the stick while playing defense. Note that the top hand slides farther down the shaft on defense than attack to allow for greater reach. Mouth Guards It is extremely important to enforce the rule that all players must wear mouth guards not only during games but also at practices.

We recommend that youth coaches keep a supply of spare mouth guards in their equipment bags at all times. This equipment is optional, although eye protection is beginning to be required in some areas of the country at upper levels of play. Shoes Special lacrosse shoes are not required. Some girls choose to wear cleats while others wear running shoes. Many major shoe manufacturers offer multiple choices in appropriate footwear for lacrosse.

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  • At the youth level, goalies must wear leg padding on the shins and thighs. Protection for the abdominal area is strongly recommended as well. For more on goalies, see chapter The remaining team members, waiting their turn on the sidelines, are support players. Traditionally, the position names for the defenders are point, cover point, and third man.

    Great Basketball Drills A Baffled Parents Guide

    She is also the player who will begin the transition from defense to offense after she makes a save. The defenders help the goalie by defending opponents in the critical scoring area, or the area slightly larger than the meter fan in front of the goal that includes a yard area behind the goal. When playing player-toplayer defense, each defender is assigned to an opposing attacker. Any four players can stay back behind the restraining line to avoid the offside foul. However, attackers do have defensive responsibilities. A ride in lacrosse is like a full-court press in basketball.

    The more experience that support players get, the faster they will develop their game sense and skills. Games for Levels A and B have a maximum of 25 minutes running time per half. Level C games have a maximum of 20 minutes running time per half. At every level, the game clock runs continuously, stopping after whistles only in the last 2 minutes of each half.

    The umpire can also stop the clock for an injury or emergency. Before each game, the coaches or team captains determine how long the halftime break will be, up to but not exceeding 10 minutes. Scoring Each goal equals one point. The team scoring the most goals is the winner. After a goal is scored, the game is restarted with a center draw at the centerline.

    The umpire sets up the center draw. Since there are a number of ways to take the center draw, remind players who take the draw always to have the backs of their sticks facing their goal cage. Those players positioned around the center circle must have their feet outside the center circle until the whistle blows.

    All remaining players must be positioned outside the restraining lines. During draws, encourage your players to move around the outside of the center circle. This can help them get a step on defenders, establish better angles to the ball, or box out defenders. The bottom rims of the stick are in line with each other, slightly above hip level, parallel to the centerline and directly above it.

    The umpire places the ball in between the stick heads as they are held back to back. In order for the ball to stay put until the whistle, the players taking the center draw must keep their sticks aligned together. They must remain motionless until they hear the whistle. This motion should send the ball into the air. In order for a draw to be legal, the ball must be propelled higher than the heads of the players taking the draw.

    A free position is given to the opponent in the event of an illegal draw. The player who drew illegally is placed 4 meters 4.

    #1 Thing to NOT do at a youth baseball game

    If both players draw illegally, a throw is awarded. A throw is also used when two players are equally close to the ball as it goes out of bounds, or when two players commit offsetting fouls. The umpire positions two players at least 1 meter 1. The umpire tosses the ball in between the two players, who move onto the ball and try to catch it in the air.

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    All players must stop and stand still when the whistle blows to stop play. All players may move again when the next whistle blows to start play. A team may substitute any time during play, after goals are scored, and at halftime. Multiple substitutions are allowed, but we recommend substituting one player at a time. A player who was substituted may reenter the game as soon as and as often as needed. Major Fouls Major fouls are called when the stick or body is used in a potentially dangerous way.