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Buy Now with 1 Credit. She sweeps listeners to the Irish countryside for this saucy tale of deception. Too bad the common architect is well below her station. In this glittering Regency romance from acclaimed author Tracy Anne Warren, wallflower Eliza Hammond has suddenly become a wealthy heiress. Now, every eligible bachelor is interested in marrying her. Hoping to instruct Eliza in the social graces needed to attract the best suitors, her best friend Violet enlists the help of her brother-in-law, Lord Christopher "Kit"Winter.

Just one problem.

Eliza has always secretly pined for Kit. Trap Trilogy 3 books in series. The Husband Trap Publisher's Summary. You're getting a free audiobook. Click to Try Audible Free.

The Trap Trilogy

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The young female rabbit must have escaped from the breeding cages. His hand slammed against the steering wheel. He was here to deliver the goods, and get paid, that was it.

The nausea was starting to pass. The food was surprisingly good and brought in on a tray each day.

The Husband Trap

Everything was plastic: the plate and the knife and fork, even the glass. The next morning a younger woman had come in and out to fill a tin bath with buckets of warm water while the other woman stood guard by the open door. The room began to swim around her. They lifted her into the half-filled bath, seating her upright like a naked doll. The woman ran the soap over her breasts, laughing as the small cold nipples rose to her touch; the younger woman ignored her pleading gaze and shifted her legs apart, strong fingers holding, reaching down, washing her below, front and back, escaping from the soapy cloth, sliding deep inside.

The woman used a real spoon to feed her a light broth with bits of curdled egg. You will need your strength. At least until the rope was off.

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The new chauffeur had removed the rope around her wrists once she was in the car. In the background she could hear French crickets singing their one-tone hearts out.

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She spat at the man but he was faster than she was, twisting her round so that his lunch onion-breath was hot against her ear. But if you try anything again I will truss you up comme un petit oiseau … And if I have to wring your pretty little neck nobody will miss you.

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  • So are we clear? A grimy toddler standing in a doorway had waved at them with a handful of bread crust as the sleek black car pulled away past him.

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