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You and I who have known its face. The Chink, he held three aces, the cowboy held a gun, And the Indian held an inquest At the setting of the sun. Robinson, Leo S. Robinson, Poem to celebrate the ending of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. American Art R The end of the rainbow is here! So don't have a fear -- Just come in high gear, For fortune's fair promise lies near. Rogers, TX24 "A cowboy in Texas had a mare. Ridgley Calendar Co.

Signed on front: "CMR [with buffalo skull] " "The cow-boys were very kind - Lending me what they called a ladys saddle horse. I found the animal rather rough But you know riding is splendid exercise And that is what the Dr. From " Cowboy and Indian life of the great West. We're simple, but we're not so dumb, And so we learned one day That if we cried and raised a fuss We got our little way.

Folio of 18 postcards. Includes poems: "Crater Lake," by Oscar G. Gibson, "Oregon Song," by Walter E. Meacham and "Longing for Oregon," by Ernest Bross. Art-Colortone "Sold by L. Hollister, importer and jobber, Lead, So. Includes poem: "Down in Oklahoma. Cover poem: " Cowboys' prayer , author unknown. Includes poem "Down in Texas. Crane, Ignatius' Mission: St.

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Ignatius, Flathead Reservation, Montana. Ignatius' Mission " 'Tis more than eighty years ago Since first wwe hove in sight, Where Oakland lies far-flung below My home upon the heights. Land of the sunny sky, Utah, we love thee! Far in the glorious West, Throned on the mountain's crest, In robes of statehood dressed, Utah, we love thee!

Columbia's newest star, Utah, we love thee! Thy lustre shines afar, Utah, we love thee! Bright in our banner's blue, Among her sisters true, She proudly comes to view, Utah, we love thee!

Home on the Range

Land of the Pioneers, Utah, we love thee! Grow with the coming years, Utah, we love thee!

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With wealth and peace in store, To fame and glory soar, God-guarded evermore, Utah, we love thee! Art- Colortone "New Mexico. There lithe willows grow and clear waters flow Through an Eden of beauty untold; Where Nature her rich panorama has spread And calls to us, "Come, and behold! There are fair fields of yuccas, the lamps of the Lord, That raise their white plumes toward the sky; And the wild mountain eagle, her eyrie that builds On the rocks where the cliff rises high Johnston Co.

There are mountains high to meet these skies Somewhere in the West. There are birds of flame that love can tame, And wonders the human tongue can't name, The Infinite called them as they came, Somewhere in the West. There are wings of white in the morning light, Somewhere in the West. Upward soaring in joyous flight, Somewhere in the West.

There are caverns cool as an icy pool, And wildwood flowers white as wool, Each spark of life the Creator's tool, Somewhere in the West. The flowering vine is red as wine, Somewhere in the West. The breezes scented with fragrant pine, Somewhere in the West. The lingering beams of roseate hue Surrendering into the twilight blue, Oh, earth and sky, and heaven and you; Somewhere in the West.

B "The continental card. Crocker Co. Clements, C "Natural color by Mike Roberts.

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The greatest of Earth's living forms, Tall conquerors that laugh the storms; Their challenge still unanswered rings, Through fifty centuries of kings. The nations that with them were young, Rich empires, with their forts far-flung, Lie buried now - their splendor gone; But these proud monarchs still live on. So shall they live, when end our day, When our crude citadels decay; For brief the years allotted man, But infinite perennials' span.

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This is their temple, vaulted high, And here we pause with reverent eye, With silent tongue and awe-struck soul; For here we sense life's proper goal. To be like these, straight, true and fine, To make our world, like theirs, ashrine; Sink down, Oh, traveler, on your knees, God stands before you in these trees. Clements, "Selithco true color from Ektachrome. With mountains wild that lift up towards the sky Their airy peaks with beauties that suffice The soul of man and make his ideals high.

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I love your pine trees hugging mountain's cheek; Your waterfalls that lecture to the stones; Your hazy valleys, stretching out to greet The log-hewn huts - the rancher's novel homes. I love your various game; and eagle proud That soars around the lonely, rocky nest, And as I stand a voice breaks sweet and loud; "Montana mine, queen of the Golden West. Kropp Co. Hurst] "Well folks my time's up. Kropp, c Mallonee, Claremore, Okla. The "pictures" don't seem natural, The newspapers all seem dull, Without Will's quips in the corner, And him grinnin, just above.

Chicago: Curteich, []. And hence would give to some bright land Samples of blessings from his right hand Art-Colortone Words by Evan Stephens. Far in the glorious west, Throned on the mountain's crest, In robes of statehood dressed, Utah, we love thee!

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Thy luster shines afar, Utah, we love thee! Land of the Pioneers, Utah, we love thee, Grow with the coming years, Utah, we love thee! With wealth and peace in store, To fame and glory soar, God guarded, evermore, Utah, we love thee! Art-Colortone; C. Dated on back. Real Photo Postcard " Where does the west begin?

Where the laugh is loud and the manners rude, And to shave your neck marks a man a dude -- That's where the West begins. But - where does the East begins? Where the streams are shallower and the hills are flat Now East is East and West is West, They each have some bad and they each have some best; For it isn't a matter of lines on a map That makes a guy regular or makes him a sap.

The folks our West may run to brag, And the knees of their pants may sort of sag, But there's many a guy in the boundless West With a heart as staunch as his leather vest. And thers's many a guy in the East, by heck, Who presses his pants and shaves his neck, Who's got good nerve and a gilt-edge soul -- If he does mess around with a finger bowl. There, the mariner steering homeward Found his city in ruins that day T "Far from all the turmoil of a busy world There's an old log-cabin on a mountain side.

Oh, the happiness packed in that humble home! Snug within its walls, faith, hope and love abide The West Glows bright with clouds of golden hue. The desert life that shuns the day Creeps forth to bid the sun adieu. Down from the mountain breathes the wind; The night hawk darts with eerie cry, While starkly stands the desert growth In silhouette against the sky.

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American Art Distributed by: J. Buy ol' Ford No good too - Ride and push No can do. White man banker No can trust, Take it monies - Bank go bust. Republican, Stock-market hogs, Run it country To the dogs. Democrat, He big money man, Big money man Republican. I've hit the trail to Iowa, and examined Kansas too; I've touched the highest spots they've got in far-famed old Mizzoo; I've wintered in Los Angeles, also Washington, D. Where the picturesque pine and the coy columbine And the timberline mignonette grow. There's a region of wonderful whispers That drift through the nation-old trees There are purples and reds, in the shifting cloud-beds That change with each echoful breeze Postcards: H - Z.

Like Liked by 1 person. Up close and personal. The rain made that special loud sound on the roof. The coach is surrounded by windows like in a bus, so the lightning show was fantastic. It was an experience that will probably happen again.